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2015 General BGSA Meeting 12pm

Monday, April 27, 2015

  1. Elections for the 2015-2016 academic year
    1. President (EES, must be available for a year afterwards): Samoa Asigau, Priya Maharaj, and Meghann Humphries were nominated by the members at the meeting. Vote on OrgSync until Thursday April 30th.
    2. (Vice President:​ As is customary, Vanessica Jawahir will be the Vice President.)
    3. Treasurer: Dan Michalski was re-elected. We are also electing an "apprentice" Treasurer, who will train with Dan during the fall semester and begin acting as Treasurer in the spring semester. Victoria Anderson was nominated and elected.
    4. SGA Representative: Ben Abts was the only nominee and was reelected.
    5. Faculty Representative: Leticia Soares was the only nominee and was elected.
    6. Secretary: Isabel Loza was the only nominee and was elected.
    7. Webmasters (2): Fidi Rasambainarivo was nominated and reelected. Michelle Sanchez was nominated and elected to join him.
  2. Volunteers for Harris Center Executive Committee and Graduate Student Committee
    1. The director of the Harris Center (Dr. Marquis) has asked for volunteers to replace Robbie Hart and Maria (Lua) Pil on the Executive Committee and for a new graduate student committee. The goal is to have masters and doctoral students at all different points in their studies. The following volunteered for one or both of the positions:
      1. Samoa Asigau (either)
      2. Victoria Anderson (grad student committee)
      3. Christina Baer (either)
      4. Camilo Calderon (either)
      5. Isabel Loza (either)
      6. Rossana Maguiña (either)
      7. Leticia Soares (exec committee)
    2. If you want to volunteer for either position, please email Christina Baer (
  3. Plant Sale
    1. We earned $2018, with a net profit of about $1900! Thank you to everyone who helped out!
  4. Budget
    1. We asked for $7000 for the fall 2015 semester and have been given $1800 by the Student Activity Budget Committee (SABC).
    2. Not counting the plant sale profits, we have $2328 in our permanent account (we have already used up the time-limited funds from the SABC).
    3. $1000 will be spent soon ($900 for BGSA grants, $100 for Relay for Life)
    4. $1000 is being saved for the fall 2015 speaker (rescheduled from this semester)
    5. We voted to divide the remaining $300 equally between support for the D&D Farm Animal Sanctuary and a BGSA BBQ.
    6. Ideas for increasing the money we get from SABC:
      1. Talk to people at SABC about funding needs.
      2. Get a grad student on the review committee so that we can see how other groups are getting funding.
      3. Discuss budget with the department chair and get suggestions on selling it to SABC.
      4. Get funding from the department for some activities.
  5. Revising the BGSA Grad Student  "Survival Guide"
    1. This resource was previously posted on the old BGSA website and is out-of-date. Dr. Thiel has asked that we update it. Christina Baer and Rossana Maguiña volunteered to revise it.
    2. During the discussion, it was pointed out that it would be good to return to having a grad student on the student admissions committee.
  6. SGA Meeting Highlights (Ben)
    1. The MSC reservations system is going online ("VirtualMS") and will only have flat-rate packages for events.
    2. The current policy requiring student IDs to be carried while on-campus will be enforced going forward. Violators will be reported to the Assistant Dean of Students.
  7. Fun Stuff
    1. The Chemistry Graduate Student Association has challenged the BGSA to kickball! We accept, and Vanessica will negotiate the place and time (probably the weekend after finals).
    2. Our end-of-the-year BBQ will be held at Vona and Camilo's house on May 16th. Exact times TBA.


2015 Executive Board BGSA Meeting 3pm

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    1. Brainstormed possible nominees for positions
    2. Will have list of nominees, ask for more nominations at next general meeting 
    3. Elections will take place at next general meeting (April 27)
    1. Current members: President, Ben, Fidy
      1. Need to decide on appropriate date, reserve room in MSC
    2. Recruiting members for the fall to help plan event
    1. $1850 final amount
    1. announce at April 21 Biolunch, and at next general meeting.
    2. Receive suggestions via email for this- person for contacting TBA
    1. LAST meeting for the semester: April 27th
    2. Discuss option of community garden plot for BGSA members- info TBA


2015 General BGSA Meeting 12pm

Monday, March 30, 2015

  1. LOGO
    1. 5 options for logos—voted on these today.
    2. #4/5 are top choices--- with birds and DNA
    3. Once solidified, we will put the Logos on the website for general access
    1. April 20th – 23rd  11-1pm
    2. Need people to help work this! Sign-up sheet--- will be located in the Biology Office lobby to sign up 
    3. Need to make newspaper pots---- will send out emails on dates to help, etc.  Watch your inbox!
    4. Advertising: Banner in MSC, emails to departments, etc
    1. Looking for volunteers to help start the planning process (choosing dates, reserving rooms, etc)
    2. Fidy, Ben, 2-3 more people? (please remember if you sign up, this is mainly a fall commitment-- if you have a field season, please consider your availability)
    1. Next meeting will be elections for new officers!!
    2. Positions:
      1. ***NOTE:  All positions are required to attend exec meetings (1/month) and expected to attend the meetings
      2. President-EES student for next school year
        1. Facilitate group’s ideas, make things happen, run the meetings (general and exec), contact person for outside companies/events, sending out emails, etc.
      3. Treasurer
        1. Submit budget in Fall/ Spring; take care of reimbursements (like for awards/grants, etc); give presentation to Student Life on why we want $$
      4. Faculty rep (Friday mornings 1/month)
        1. Biology Faculty has meetings --- our rep sits in the meetings
      5. SGA rep (Friday afternoons 1/month)
        1. Sit in on meetings; gather info on new events/news from UMSL
      6. Social  (Andy is social chair ‘for life’) --unless anyone opposes!!
      7. Webmaster
        1. Put up information and maintain website; encourages people to post on social media for BGSA (pictures etc)
        2. Fidy interested, check back with him next meeting
      8. Secretary
        1. Takes notes at exec and general meetings; records attendance at meetings/events
    1. Change in print quota next semester: 1000 page limit (firm)
    2. Car smashing event on campus for stress reliever – this week
    3. Whitney--- Animal Sanctuary fundraiser --- looking for funds/ideas for fundraising (maybe involve the undergrad Biology Club?)
      1. Maybe host a drive for materials needed
      3. Leticia and two other people ---going to dinner with the new candidate (Justine) 


2015 General BGSA Meeting 12pm

Monday, February 23, 2015

    1. EES: Leticia, Maria Pil, Priya, Vona
    2. CMB: Dan, JiaJia, Tony, Vanessica
  2. LOGO for BGSA
    1. ​Michelle has contact for making one
    2. Brainstormed ideas for design/colors
    3. Will check into requirements of UMSL for this type of design
    4. Dan: Relay for Life
      1. we decided to co-sponsor this event ($100)
      2. we will get our logo on the free t-shirts provided at the event
    1. Seminar speaker got canceled for Feb.
    2. $1,700 does not expire
    3. Should we re invite him for the fall? YES
    1. ​Nominate a biology professor for this event
    2. We will nominate Bethany Zolman
    1. Committee already set up
    2. Potential dates: 
      1. April 20th week
    3. Advertising
      1. Banner in the MSC (free), etc. 
    4. Planting 
      1. anyone that can clip plants for re-propagation, please make clippings and bring to vanessica anytime
      2. Will set up a date (on a Friday) to help plant. TBA
  6. SGA (BEN)
    1. Mar 31st- connecting students/employers event
    2. Food survey- food in the new science building 
    3. Free eye exams on south campus every year
  7. SOCIAL (Andy)
    1. Ideas for activities?
      1. Ice skating, indoor climbing, potluck
    1. Revising rubrics
      1. send ideas to :
        1. Oyomoare
        2. JiaJia   


2015 General BGSA Meeting 1pm

Friday, January 23, 2015

  1. Meeting Time
    1. May change meeting time
    2. Doodle poll online- please fill out for availability
  2. CMB Speaker
    1. Coming Feb 3rd 2pm
    2. Announcement will be sent out
    3. Talk: will be on bacterial pathogenesis
    4. Slots for meals to chat with him will be available to sign up for
  3. Treasurer (Dan)
    1. Jan 31st-- is deadline for submitting budget request for Jul1-Dec 31st expenditures
    2. Proposed Budget:
      1. $3000 Dept Seminar
      2. $1200 Fall 2015 Speaker
      3. $2000 Grants/Conferences
      4. $500 Team Building
    3. Dan will give presentation on Feb 6 to budget committee
  4. Grants:
    1. 6 $300 grants available to apply for
    2. What to do with $1000 left (since we didn't bring in speaker)
      1. Poll online
      2. Decided on: 2 more $300 grants & $400 for social activities
    3. WE NEED MORE CMB volunteers for reviewing EES grant applications
      1. 2 more volunteers acquired
  5. Dept Chair Search Student Rep
    1. 1 student to help w/ organizing meetings, graduate luncheon, etc.
    2. Dan-- volunteered for this
  6. Plant Sale Committee
    1. People needed to serve on committee
    2. Planting, transporting, organizing volunteers to help, advertising, sale day
    3. Christina and Lisa--- new committee members
  7. Social (Andy)
    1. Happy Hour-- soon?
      1. in loop, no social $ to go toward this, so bring your own!
      2. Date: TBD
      3. End of year acitivity ideas-- start brainstorming
      4. Proposed Dart activity by Andy-- thoughts?
    2. Idea for field trip/philanthropy:
      1. Tiger Sanctuary in Columbia, MO.
      2. Anyone interested?


2015 Exec Board BGSA Meeting 9am

Friday, January 19, 2015

  1. The budget (Dan):
    1. Office of Student Life is switching to a semester-based budget system. This budget, due Jan. 31st, will cover funding for July 1st to December 31st.
    2. Outlined budget (July-December 2015):
      1. Biology symposium: $3000
      2. 1 speaker: $1200
      3. Grants: $2000
      4. Team-building: $500
    3. We almost certainly won't get all the money, but we can ask.

2. Topics for the next meeting (January 23rd):

  1. Apply for grants! (put applications in the envelopes in the Biology office)
  2. The CMB speaker will be here February 3rd
  3. Changing the BGSA meeting time (a poll will be sent out)
  4. How to spend the $1000 originally for an EES speaker: 42% voted for more grants, 23% team-building, %14 social, 9% speaker, 9% biology trip
  5. The plant sale committee needs to be ready to plant in March.
  6. Christina would like to propose ice-skating at the Steinberg rink in Forest Park


2014 General BGSA Meeting 1pm

Friday, November 14, 2014

Attendance taken for members.

  1. RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM (Maria ' Lua')
  • Survey about how the conference went (surveymonkey)
    • 67% satisfied for time of year it was held
      • But held around midterms, SLEEC, mobot and zoo talks
      • Should we change it to biannually? (have about half the people speak each semester)
      • PI introductions (5 min)
        • Some went over, some were timely
        • Most like them
      • Should we change it to Spring?
        • BGSA has more going on in spring, so we might want to keep it in Fall
        • If we changed it to spring, we wouldn't have it again until spring 2016
        • We will contemplate this change during rest of fall and spring and decide by Fall semester 2015
      • Noise next door was an issue
        • If we rent 2 rooms again, plan the presentations to be in the far room
        • Or rent all 3 rooms and have posters in one room
      • How well did attendees understand talks?
        • 44% understood 60-80% of the other subdivisions talks (CMB vs EES)
        • CMB understood EES presentations a lot more than EES understood CMB presentations
        • Suggestion: Presenters submit a paragraph of an overview of their research
          • Need to plan and request all this far ahead of schedule
        • Both sides need to improve upon their communication skills in data, and technical terms
      • Suggestions:
        • Handouts for each research group
        • Half day eventDo not hold it the same day as an SGA meeting
        • Poster sessions in the middle of the day (lunch poster session, etc…)
        • Students have more time to speak, and less technical terms
        • Better setup of food-- 2 lines instead of oneUndergrads get to speak or present posters
        • Keep it at UMSL
        • Presenters should know how to use pointers
        • One PI---- that did not have students for presentations
          • PI's that do not have students that are presenting officially, then the PI will not be allotted time to speak.


  • Symposium-- $2100 for food (with $200 grant from them)
  • Posters/name badges-- $41
  • $680 left in our UMSL budget
  • From dept-- should be able to get reimbursed ~$1200
    • Dan will talk to Patty to get reimbursed from department
  • $1700 from plant sale
  • $300 cash


  • 3 $300 grants for CMB and 3 also for EES
  • Get people from the other section review the applications (CMB oversee EES, vice versa)
  • 1 page application-- more details to be figured out specifically
    • Follow similar format as past BGSA grant applications
    • Applications then rated to determine who gets awarded
  • Main Duties:
    • Setting deadline dates
    • Criteria for grant applications to be turned in
    • How the apps will be reviewed/critiqued
    • Getting committees to actually meet to review them
    • Oyomare/JiaJia in charge for EES/CMB


  • EES--- speaker/workshoP??? $1000 to spend!!!!!!!!
  • Ideas:
    • Write down ideas, then do a poll on Triton sync
    • Keep the speaker
    • Team building exercises
    • More grants
    • Talk later about only EES, or both EES/CMB
    • More Social $$
    • Possible grant for 'best speaker' of next years symposium
    • BioTrip!

5. SGA (Ben)

  • Environmental Adventure org -- possibly do a fun event/event with them


  • Met recently
  • Budget: agreed on allocating money in same way it has been in past
  • Strategic plan
    • Students meeting: next week
    • Submit ideas to Maria (Lua/Robbie/Meg/Leticia/Oyomare/Patty/Ivanne

7. SOCIAL (Andy)

  • Holiday party@ JCPENNEY Center
    • Departmental (Biology) Potluck PartyDetails TBA
    • How can WE (BGSA) make it more fun for us???
      • Send ideas to Andy< >GAG/white elephant gift exchangeEtc…


  • Lua and Fidy talking to guy for the BGSA website to move it to cascade from Triton Sync
    • Cascade is still an UMSL thing! :) Potential transition in the future :) 


BGSA General Meeting 

10/17/14  1pm


  • Christina (Per Priya-faculty rep)
      • Fall even years
    • Adv. Evolution  Spring odd years
    • Intro to Grad Research in Biology
    • Biology Colloqium
      • Is now a course (based on Biolunch)

2. R WORKSHOP (Leticia)

  • Hadley Wickham is booked for Spring
  • We need to plan ahead and contact him in EARLY 2015 for summer/fall workshop
  • Website with tools for R
  • Stats --- class/training requested
  • Should prepare a BGSA proposal with major areas of focus
    • Send this to Faculty-- they will probably fund these workshops/classes
  • Frees up money budgeted for this workshop
    • What to use it for? Suggestions below:
      • Grants for attending conferences ---1 CMB, 1 EES, $400 to social budget
      • Maybe change requirements for being applicable to grants
      • EES Speaker


  • Send out reminder day of,
  • Remind people of the importance of participating
  • Educate people that this is good for Resumes/job apps


  • Website registration
    • Is good!
    • 20 people registered
    • 9 people signed up for speaker/posters
  • Electronic things
    • Ben- will provide amp
  • Advertising
    • Bathroom posters
    • Ask TA's to post on mygateway class sites
    • Ask professors to announce
    • Flyers
      • LOTS of flyers to hang up and distribute

5. SGA

  • TRUNK RETREAT-- Oct 25
    • Need people to help--- contact Ben if interested
    • If someone is interested, there is a spot available for BGSA --contact Ben if interested


    • Planning one at either Vanessica's or Leticias
    • Friday October 31st


BGSA Exec meeting minutes 10/14

Friday, October 17, 2014  3:30pm

  1. Leticia:
  • Hadley W.
    • About workshop
    • Not available for R workshop in Spring
  •  R workshop in spring?
    • Put proposal together- for faculty
    • Department might pay for it
  • Instead, we could try to invite speaker
  • Ask general BGSA members their  input for what to do with money?

2. Maria (Lua)

  • HTML learning--- Fidy had volunteered, someone should check with him to see how he's doing with it
  • Use UMSL Triton website only, the old other BGSA website will be disabled soon.

3. Retreat:

  • 72 hr. notice  to Sodexo for final #
  • Make a couple choices on food items for breakfast/snack
  • Easels- Ask Golden Key
  • Vanessica
    • Printed flyers--- Ben will get them stamped @ OSL
    • Need to hang them
    • Printing big banner--do it if its free
  • Leticia
    • Registration reminders?  2/wk  (for both general reg. and poster/speaker sign up)
    • Confirmation emails not coming from the s/p site
    • Slide limit (1/min)?
  • Vanessica
    • Equipment:
      • Projector (here?), microphone? --will ask rates at MSC
    • Chose food options for parts of breakfast/snack
    • Update registration to spreadsheet


BGSA    9/19/14   1pm  


  1. Christina: Robert's Rules of Order
  • These were included in our current bylaws, but are very structured.
  • Do we want to use these?
  • Some opinions:
    • Should we just do it?
    • Too structured
    • Not as relaxed
    • Would have to go through these rules every meeting-- since not always the same members show up
    • One student had these similar rules for other organizations in past- worked well
    • A lot of rules to remember to follow
    • Could try it out, and see how it goes
    • Could have one rule-- raise hand to talk
    • Need a Parliamentarian if we want to enforce all rules
    • Side Note: email agenda for each BGSA meeting to all members prior to the meetings
    • DECISION: raise hand if want to talk, be respectful

2. Vanessica:

  • Made changes in 'terms' and added Vice President to offices
  • Changed elections to held at the end of summer semester
  • Here are the changes made to the bylaws:

1.  Add "This organization will facilitate and strengthen interactions amongst, graduate students, Biology faculty and undergraduates, and members of the scientific community." to the end of Article II.

2.  Change "simple majority" and "majority" to "plurality" throughout the constitution.

3.   A. Add the office of Vice President to Article IV A. 

      B.  ​Add that the President and Vice President should belong to opposite and annually alternating sections of the department (CMB and EES).

4.  Change Article IV C to "Annual elections shall be held for all offices at the end of the summer semester.  The president will call for nominations at least two weeks prior to elections.  If there are no nominations for a position, any active member may be nominated and voted on during the election.  Members who cannot attend the election meeting must submit their votes no later than the election meeting. A vote of a plurality of the active members will determine the officers for the next term."

5.  Add Article IV D: "If an officer resigns or is removed, another member will be elected to serve the remainder of the term according to Article IV C at the next meeting." 

6.  Make Article V C into Article IV E.

NOTE: We will be posting the bylaws on all of our websites for people to view.


  • Total bank: $5101
  • R workshop: $1000
  • CMB Speaker:$1000
  • Travel Grants: $1800 ($300 each; 3 EES, 3 CMB)
  • Plant Sale: $200
  • Retreat: $1000
  • Social: $100 (but not really)
  • Had to repay Andy $120 for Happy Hour mingle at Blueberry Hill

RETREAT update

  • Date: Nov 14 (tentative)
  • Need Committee:
    • Vanessica
    • Leticia
    • Courtney
    • Erin
    • Ben
  • Name brainstorming
    • BioTreat
    • Biology Symposium
    • UMSL Biology Symposium
    • PLEASE EMAIL SUGGESTION ASAP!! (Preferably by end of week?)
  • Quotes:
    • Zoo: $4700
    • MOBOT Gardens: about the same as zoo
    • Could possibly get outside catering to drop cost
    • UMSL: $2500/3000
      • Only need to pay for food! All facilities free!
      • $500 worth of food most likely free!
      • About $30 pp
  • UMSL most suitable for Student Organization budget- will show we are using money well, and may get bigger budget awarded next year
  • Harris Center will not be able to cover any $$
  • Other ideas
    • Forest Park Visitor Center
    • Forest Park Boathouse

**DECISION: host at UMSL

Ben will take care of catering, Dan will fill out forms to request food/Coca Cola products


  • Oct 14 5-7pm
  • Make schedule of lab tours
  • Courtney will make schedule/sign up sheet
  • PLEASE SIGN UP!!- sign up sheet in the Biology Office
  • We will have undergrads sign up for each tour time ahead of time, so we know how many people to expect
  • (Side note: If you are a TA, please advertise this Open House to your students)

CMB SPEAKER- start thinking about person to invite as speaker


  • Meeting for strategy for the next 5 years
  • Two Main goals:
    • 1st: support the research and training of grad/undergrad students in ecology/conservation
    • 2nd: community outreach
  • Goals: 5th goal: "Increasing career training and opportunity for students"
    • Make committee for each goal, to review language and objectives of the goal and identify further goals
  • 5th goal: student committee; Maria and Robbie head of this committee
  • Let them know if you want to participate in this committee


  • Students want:
    • R class
    • Computer programming class/training
    • Could have courses that incorporate R
      • IE: community ecology or population biology labs that works with R
    • Advanced Statistics-- only a graduate level course
  • Leticia is willing to write up a formal proposal for submitting to faculty
  • She needs concise opinions for R workshop components


BGSA Exec  Meeting     9/16     3:30pm


Cost: pretty high, but apparently reasonable for # people, food, and rooms

Patty: How much?
Harris Center: might be a possible source

QUOTES (and person acquiring info)

MOBOT Gardens: Christina
Harris Center: Lua
Des Lee: Christina
Zoo: $4700 for everything

If Zoo:

What can we (BGSA) cover $$?
Total $5101 in bank accounts together

Our general BGSA expenses/events:

R workshop: $1000
Speaker: $1000
Plant Sale: $200
Grants: $1800 total ($300 each, 3 EES/3CMB)
Social: $100
Retreat: $1000

Look for advertising materials available free to student associations, like a logo, banners, etc. (Vanessica!)

For Next meeting:

Have an official class that teaches basic R. Talk to faculty about this idea: maybe a TA for biometry that could do R labs.

Constitution and Bylaws need to be updates
Ask people for suggestions on a catchy name for Retreat

General things to talk about at monthly meeting:

State of BioTreat planning
Committee for BioTreat
Speaker for CMB
Issues to bring up w/ faculty; including R class


BGSA Minutes

at 13:30 on 4/18/2014


  • Scott Edwards, EES guest speaker, is coming to UMSL May 1-2. Vincenzo will be sending out a sign-up sheet for meeting with him soon.
  • The BGSA Plant Sale is next week! Please sign up to sell plants on the sheet in the Biology Office.

2013-2014 Funds (Dan, Treasurer):

  • All BGSA grant money must be spent by May 9th.
  • BGSA can use the ProCard until May 9th and submit receipts by May 16th.
  • After May 16th, any unused funds will be lost and will negatively influence future funding.

Proposed Social Activities (Andy, Social Chair):

  • DemoBall and pizza in May (~$500)
  • BBQ in April (~$300)
  • Members unanimously approve both activities.

Grad Student Research Symposium:

  • The faculty have asked for more details for the proposed symposium. We suggest that:
  • it take place in November
  • it include both posters and talks by graduate students
  • undergraduates should be invited (including those from other St. Louis institutions)
  • it take place off-campus

Graduate Program Flyer (Leticia):

  • Needs 5-10 word summaries of CMB labs' research programs
  • Needs interesting CMB lab and results photos
  • Please email any photos or suggestions to .

Elections next BGSA meeting:

  • Christina will not run for President next year.
  • Gretchen will not run for Vice President next year.
  • If any other officers do not want to be up for reelection, please let Christina know by May 1st.
  • Everyone who can should show up for this meeting—if the majority decides someone is the best person for the job, they are perfectly capable of nominating and electing someone in absentia.​


_______________________________                                       _________________________________________

2/21/2014 Announcements:

Scot Edwards, EES guest speaker, is coming to UMSL May 1-2.
BGSA grants awarded!: Congratulations to Ben Abts (EES), Gideon Erkenswick (EES), Tony Fischer (CMB), Vanessica Jawahir (CMB), Vona Kuczynska (EES), and Dan Michalski (CMB).


From the BGSA Social Chair, Andy:

Proposed a trip to the Adrenaline Zone in Chesterfield: ninja lasers, laser tag, AND DEMOLITION BALL (cost $180/hour).

Should we invite faculty?
How many would be interested?
When? Soon or later on toward the end of the semester.

The monthly Happy Hour will continue.


Budget update from treasurer, Patrick:

We have ~$2000. ($1000 from SGA which will disappear by the end of the semester if not used)

More BGSA grants?:

There have been requests from members for research funding, although the grant proposal deadline recently closed.  How should we manage such requests?

BGSA agrees that if we have extra money at the end of the semester, another call for grant applications may be sent out but that individuals will not be considered for funding before then.

Leticia: Harris Center used to offer book awards to individual students


How about doing this but not giving books to individuals, let members make suggests for the purchase of books that remain shared resources in the department.
This would benefit EES more than CMB students who use journal articles much more than reference books.

Suggestions on how excess funding should be used are welcome


BGSA website (from Lua)

Good progress is being made. Details and requests for help will be emailed to BGSA as we move forward.
BGSA on Facebook has been proposed but is complicated

BGSA decided to focus on the website

The BGSA website committee will have autonomy to move forward improving the website as they see fit.  Requests for comments and proofreading will be emailed to all members

May be simplest to have the website converted to the UMSL cascade system.  This will require that a BGSA website officer take a 2-hour training course. Courses are offered periodically by UMSL.

Christina will create a BGSA dropbox account for all members


Faculty Meeting (Silpi)

Faculty want to increase the number of students applying the graduate programs in EES and CMB
They requested help from BGSA to create flyers that can be put up in conferences or departments of other schools

BGSA felt that this was not the best way of promoting the graduate programs.  Most individuals attending conferences (established researchers and grad students) are not looking for graduate school announcements.
BGSA felt that UMSL Biology needs a stronger online presence.
Lua suggested, as discussed during a recent Harris Center meeting, that it might be best to hire someone for this work.


Plant Sale coming up (Vanessica)

Scheduled for third week in April.
Seed planting will be Friday February 28th.  Volunteers needed.
Two weeks prior to the plant sale we will need help making newspaper pots and transfers
Please donate houseplants and other plants that you have that may be beneficial to the sale (contact Vanessica)

BGSA agreed that some of the excess funds should be used to purchase better houseplants and pots that will increase our profits from the sale.