Invited Speakers

Every year we invite two speakers to UMSL. John Walker came this fall and Scott Edwards is scheduled to come May 1st & 2nd 2014. In addition to presenting to the entire department, these speakers are at UMSL for 2 days and have many meetings with students. 


John Walker PhD, Mizzou Director of Biological Sciences
–Molecular mechanisms regulating cellular signaling in plants.






Scott Edwards PhD, Harvard Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
–Speciation in birds and host-pathogen interactions.











Who do you want to see visit UMSL in the 2014-2015 school year?  Think about researchers that inspire you and other students.  You do not have to talk to the speaker before you nominate them during the business meeting where we vote to select the researcher we want to speak at UMSL.  If your candidate is selected we will pay for their travel, lodging and food during a 2 day visit and many students and faculty will get to meet with them and have diner with them.