Grants for Graduate Students

All biology graduate students who have attended at least 1 BGSA function are invited to apply for a 300$ grant to be used for travel or research.  Applications should be 1 page, single spaced, 13 point font.  One 300$ grant will be rewarded to a CMB student and one 300$ grant will be awarded to an EES student.  Applications should be placed in manila folder labelled "BGSA EES Grant Applications" or "BGSA CMB Grant Applications" in the biology office by 5pm January 21st. Grants will be evaluated for merit by a committee of 3-6 graduate students from the EES or CMB. Reviewing does not exclude a student from submitting a grant because reviewers will be processing the opposite specialization’s grants. 

Travel merit criteria

The applicant should describe the purpose of this travel and how the information learned is vital to their career/education.  The information gained from travel should be relevant to other biology students especially graduate students (i.e., technical or departmental-type seminars, but not leadership or industrial or product seminars). The applicant should describe how they will disseminate the information learned in the seminar (or other event) to other students in a presentation.  The applicant should specify approximate cost of travel, other potential funding sources that they have applied to (this is a metric of dedication so more funding sources looks better) and if the grant would support the travel of additional students to the event.

Research merit criteria

The applicant should specify how the funds will be spent and why this activity is vital to their career.  What will the impacts of this research be on the scientific community (how many groups or fields of study will apply this knowledge).  What are the broader impacts of community involvement (training undergraduate assistants, presentations etc).  The applicant should also mention other potential funding sources that have a applied to (this is a metric of dedication so more funding sources looks better).